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Monday March 8, 2010 | Filed under: Guest Blog, Research

Each year, ASI conducts the most comprehensive and important research about our industry, the Counselor State of the Industry.

So, why is it important? Because of the in-depth reports each year on key sales, marketing and operational metrics that industry practitioners can then use to build their businesses.  Nowhere else do you get the scope of this detailed information about our industry.  And, it's free to ASI members.

What do you have to do? All we ask is that you take 10 minutes to complete the survey.  And you could win some great prizes just for participating.  There are distributor winners chosen at random for cash prizes totaling $1,500, and suppliers can win one of three full-page ads in an ASI publication of their choice.

If you're a distributor, take the survey here

If you're a supplier, take the survey here.  

If you'd rather take a paper version of the study, email me at lbasinait@asicentral.com and I'll send you the PDF you can mail back to us.  But hurry, the deadline is Friday, March 19.

Thank you in advance for your participation in this important research.  For additional research from ASI, click here.

-- Larry

Larry Basinait is ASI's executive director of research services.