Celebrating a New Catalog

Thursday July 7, 2011 | Filed under: News About ASI, Using Ad Specialties

Launching a new catalog like the 2011 Spectrum Celebration is a really big deal. We forged ahead for two key reasons: because it provides distributors with a catalog featuring the newest products from top suppliers, and it helps them boost sales during the all-important second half of the selling year.  

As Dan Brown, our executive director of distributor services puts it, “Clients are always looking for what’s new and now, distributors have the answer.”

To view sample pages of Spectrum Celebration and to order online, click here. For more information, contact Dan at dbrown@asicentral.com or at 800-546-1350. 

Spectrum Celebration is available in this brand new summer/fall edition with a special “select” section featuring the top-rated suppliers everyone wants. But jump on it now before it’s too late. Guaranteed circulation is 200,000 and we’ve already received pre-orders totaling nearly 41,000 copies.

The catalog contains over 200 products from over 50 suppliers, in all price ranges, and of course comes with full-color imprinting for distributor logos on the front cover. Other features include:

  • Customer favorite section
  • Money-saving coupons
  • Self-mailer size that also fits easily into a 6” x 9” envelope
  • Free digital version, including a customizable version on LogoMall websites
  • Free shipping
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