ASI Spreads the News

Wednesday April 27, 2011 | Filed under: Industry Initiatives, Media Coverage, News About ASI

If you were in Times Square recently, you could have looked up at one of the world’s largest digital signs and seen a 32-foot-tall ad for promo products.

The ad featured a planter can with seeds and soil packet that allows users to grow herbs inside. It’s from Points of Light Inc. (asi/78825) and was among 11 eco-friendly items featured in an ASI press release we issued before Earth Day.

 The release itself was picked up by more than 300 websites and news outlets, which means an awful lot of people got word of the many green alternatives offered by our industry. We also posted a “Joe Show” YouTube demo of the products.

We then posted the release headline and photo in Times Square.

The 11 screens on the Reuters building that make up the “Reuters sign” (pictured, right) where they were displayed occupy more than 7,400 square feet in Times Square, which receives over 1.5 million impressions daily and annual visits by 30 million tourists.

As far as advertising real estate goes, Times Square is a pretty prime piece of the pie.

The release and the Times Square display are just part of the many efforts ASI makes to publicize our industry. Every month, we issue an average of six press releases, which enjoy potential circulation of 200 million cities across America, as well as Europe, India, Australia and beyond.

In the last year alone, ASI and the promo products industry have been featured on TV stations in New York City, Dallas, San Diego, Chicago and Arizona.

And some of you might be interested in a story that just came out in Expo magazine on show and event executives in our industry selected for the mag’s very first list of “Expo Elite.” It was an honor for me to be included on the list, but what I found most useful were the stories and strategies from other professionals. Hopefully you’ll discover some ideas for your own organization.

If you have any ideas on other ways ASI might spread the news about our industry, post a comment or email me here. I’m also on Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.