You’re Reading the Best - Counselor Magazine Honored

Thursday September 3, 2009 | Filed under: News About ASI

Simply put, the hallmark of ASI's Counselor magazine is editorial excellence.  Whether it's a hard-driving investigative report or a quirky feature that perfectly captures the mood of the moment, Counselor delivers.  So I'm delighted the American Society of Business Publication Editors has once again recognized the magazine as a winner.

The ASBPE honored Counselor in the 31st Annual Azbee Awards of Excellence competition, which recognizes the best in editorial, design and online achievements.  The award, in the category of best news analysis and investigative reporting, is for a series of online and print stories covering the fall of industry Top 40 distributor CorpLogoWare.

To read a portion of the series using your username and password, click here.

Counselor editor Andy Cohen wrote the winning series, which also won a Neal Award from American Business Media earlier this year.  I'd like to recognize the entire team, from publisher Rich Fairfield and editor-in-chief Melinda Ligos to everyone who contributes to the magazine's success, for consistently delivering the very best in industry coverage to readers.

It's no wonder Counselor is routinely recognized among other nationally-recognized magazines, such as Fortune Small Business, BusinessWeek and Computerworld.  They work at it every day, from the biggest headline-grabber to the briefest blurb.

I'd love to know what you enjoy most about Counselor, or any of ASI's six publications, so post a comment now or email me here