Serious About Education with New ASI Distributor Success System

Wednesday July 15, 2009 | Filed under: Education, Industry Initiatives, Member Benefits, News About ASI

ASI is serious about education, as is evident from the $1.3 million we invest each year in ASI Education - live seminars, webcasts and videos, magazine content, digital newsletters, an online learning center and, now, our new ASI Distributor Success System.

Our new learn-as-you-go series includes an introductory DVD and ten 30-minute lessons on CDs, along with a workbook and motivational flash cards.  The best part is you can use it when you want, where you want - at home, in the car, on a PDA or through a smart phone.  

The program is part of ASI's generous ASI member benefits program, and is shipped free to new ASI distributor members.  Distributors attending three education classes during the New Distributor Success Track at the ASI Show in Chicago on Tuesday, July 21, will receive a complimentary copy.

It's also available electronically to all ASI members, by clicking here.   

You'll recognize some of the faces in the series, as it's led by ASI executives, and supplemented with interviews from successful distributors, top suppliers and industry experts.

Let me know what you think of the series and post a comment now.

See you in Chicago!