4 More Hot Products - Video

Friday July 24, 2009 | Filed under: ASI Shows

On the final day of the ASI Show Chicago I found four more products that your clients will love.  They're useful, well-made and inventive, and they include:

  • Foldable plastic step-stool, from Hit Promotional Products, asi/61125.  Great to keep in the car or in the house, it's sturdy plastic design is something like I've never seen.
  • Designer single potholder and market tote, from Built NY, asi/42422.  These crisp and colorful neoprene products are some of the best on the market.
  • Heat-sensitive recycled pencil, from Shepenco, asi/86850.  This pencil reveals your logo or message when you rub it, using the heat from your hands!  A must-see.
Click here to watch the video, and other products we featured during the first day of the show.