Video Tips for Your Marketing

Monday September 15, 2008 | Filed under: Education

I've heard from ASI members that video is starting to transform how they're selling advertising specialties and they're thinking about using videos to increase sales faster.  Some already use them extensively.

We've embraced using video at ASI and you can watch several on that provide personal introductions to our staff and demonstrate business-building features of our products.

But, using video was unchartered territory for us and many other businesses not long ago and we're constantly refining and trying compelling new ways to deliver video that keeps viewers engaged.

In a recent business radio program about using video, I shared some tips that we've learned at ASI that you can apply to your videos or ones you'd like to start making.

Tips for producing and using videos that sell:

  • Keep it simple - show the most unique features of a product to keep viewers interested.
  • Make videos brief - several short segments are easier to digest than one lengthy one.
  • Repurpose - post a video on your Website, but also email it to prospects and run it in a loop on a screen in your trade show booth.
I've uploaded the video of the radio program and you can click here to watch it for more video tips from me, the hosts and another invited guest.

Let me know your thoughts about the radio program and videos - I'd like to hear your experiences.  Post now on the blog or email me anytime, at  For new products from our shows, watch my videos at

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