Invest in Technology While Riding the Roller Coaster

Thursday October 23, 2008 | Filed under: Education, Industry Initiatives, News About ASI

The news and editors at our magazines and on our ASI Internet Radio show are keeping us updated about the latest economic and market changes - with ups-and-downs like a roller coaster - and many of us may be wondering what the next year is going to look like. 

I believe there's no need to panic.  But, for ASI, it's important that we continue to develop products and services that use the power of technology to increase your sales and help your business become more efficient no matter what the economic conditions are.

We've recently made huge investments to continue upgrading our products and services, so that they can start working together more seamlessly and so you can spend less time running your business and more time selling.  We're looking at ways that ESP Online, LogoMall websites and other electronic products can communicate with each other better and become part of a one-stop-shop package, for instance.

Also, we've made the following staff promotions to strengthen ASI's technology department:  Keith Tuskey is now the chief technology officer; John Bush (who you may recognize from trainings at ASI Shows) is now vice president of product management; and Alex Belotserkovskiy has become vice president of application development.  You can learn about their backgrounds in their press releases, at

Our investments in these technology leaders, who have very talented teams, shows our commitment to provide the best upgrades and industry-leading products and services as a part of your ASI membership.  As a matter of fact, often your investment in ASI membership pays for itself as you grow your business with our tools.   

Is your roller coaster going up or down today?  How are you using technology, or what are you doing otherwise, to become more efficient? 

I want to know - post a blog comment or email me at

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