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Thursday March 13, 2008 | Filed under: Guest Blog

From Kathy Huston, Advantages magazine editor:

March is one of my favorite months and it should be yours too.  Not because I prefer that you agree with me (although I certainly do), but because it represents 31 days jam-packed with fun-filled events and ideas for promotional opportunities.  I hope you prepared for them a couple of months ago.  If not, plan ahead for next year.

Here are the top five things I love about March, by date, and some product ideas:

1. 15th: The Ides of March. Sure, this day is associated with impending doom. But let’s look at the glass as half-full, shall we, Nervous Nellie? If you’ll recall, it was a soothsayer who told Julius Caesar to “Beware the Ides of March” before he was assassinated on that very day. And Shakespeare wrote about it in his Julius Caesar play (I’m sure you’ve read it…or more likely, the Cliffs Notes). Playwrights, poets and psychics can be celebrated all year long. Did you know there’s even The American Association of Psychics? Check it out, at Unfortunately, Susie Starlight, Advantages magazine’s soothsaying “Sales Scope” writer, didn’t make the cut for this prestigious association. However, I predict you will be amused and entertained, if not convinced that they’re for real. Product ideas: Quotable Shakespeare card deck from Pomegranate Communications Inc. (asi/78928); Palm Reading palm-sized, hardcover book from Special Favors (asi/88574).

2. 16th: March Madness begins with Selection Sunday. Even if you’re not a huge basketball fan, it has its upsides. For one thing, you have good reason to go cuckoo at any time. Blame it on March Madness. Also, the Saturday and Sunday games are almost as good as the Golf Channel for taking you into slumberland. You drink your frosty mug of Guinness and chow down on cheesy nachos while watching the first quarter. After that, it’s quite easy to drift off on your comfy couch under your favorite afghan, crocheted by Aunt Millie. There’s simply something soothing about the sweet sound of Nikes squeaking on a highly-polished floor. Keep in mind that the suppliers who provided all those imprinted basketball items you’re noticing also carry them in baseball versions. Batter up!

3. 17th: Saint Patrick’s Day; also my sister, Colleen’s birthday (my mom went into labor on the 16th, but held out, being the good Irish lass that she is). If you don’t see a ton of “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” buttons and “Shake your Shamrocks” T-shirts, logoed pint glasses, leprechaun hats and more, then sure and begorrah, you’ve gone to the wrong party. Locally, there’s a new Irish pub opening. I don’t know the name, but my husband calls it, “our new favorite place.” You can bet your sweet shillelagh there will be lots of giveaways for the grand opening. But March doesn’t have to be the only month for the “Wearing of the Green.” Wearables suppliers are coming up with more and more eco-friendly, “green” clothing lines every day.

4. 20th: Spring! The Farmer’s Almanac, sent to me by Becky Blair at Geiger, foretells that the end of March will bring “yet another coastal storm, with more wind, rain and snow.” But who cares? Chirpy birds, fuzzy bunnies and the smell of fresh grass are just around the corner. Product idea: Magic Bean Wishes from Walters Seed Company LLC (asi/95075). The seeds are laser-engraved with words that come into bloom as they grow, including “Dream,” “Laugh,” and “Believe.” And I believe they will be a big hit with any audience, any time of the year. If you haven’t seen them yet, go to

5. 31st: And now one of my most-favorite months goes out like a cute little lamb. Which brings us to April. Product idea: Umbrellas for everyone! Windbrella Products Corp. (asi/97247) has lots of trendy and traditional versions. Check them out at Also, see the rainwear showcase coming up in the April edition of Advantages…one of your most-favorite magazines, right?

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