Advice From Mentors and Real Business Experiences

Tuesday February 19, 2008 | Filed under: Education, Industry Initiatives, Using Ad Specialties

Mentors and real-life experiences in business have had important influences on shaping my career and life outside of work. 

They’ve provided chances for me to learn from my mistakes and to also pick up new ideas that have not only motivated me to be more successful, but also my staff, our clients and ASI members.

I’ve tried to capture several of these ideas and have included them in a management book I was approached to co-author recently, titled Establishing a Companywide Vision for Success.

In the book I share some ideas for motivating your staff - which can be challenging for any organization - and I’ve included strategies that you can implement to help your employees achieve goals that lead to success both professionally and personally.

Additional topics I’ve covered include the importance of remembering to give back to the community, and assessing return-on-investment - such as monitoring staff retention levels and staff participation in company events and outings. Knowledge you can use where you work.

You can read the chapter at no charge by clicking here, and the entire book is available by clicking here. Copies of the book can be ordered online, at Thomson West or Tower Books.

Let me know what you think and I’d love to hear your experiences – post now on the blog or email me anytime at