State of the Industry 2018

Our in-depth look at key trends shaping the promo market and advice for leveraging them to build your business.

In every business market, there are opportunities and challenges – the promo industry has its share of both.

SOI 2018 Podcast

ASI's Market Research Director Nate Kucsma and Counselor Editor-in-Chief Dave Vagnoni discuss some of the interesting stats and facts from the 2018 Counselor State of the Industry.

On one hand, distributor sales are at an all-time high, margins are healthy, and traditional sellers are successfully diversifying their offerings to meet end-buyer demands. On the other, Amazon is threatening to disrupt the market’s supply chain, hackers have promo companies in their crosshairs, and large distributors are lengthening the gap between them and their smaller competitors, using better technology to make gains.

So where does this leave the market? And what specific steps can distributors take to thrive in a changing and complex space?

This year’s State of the Industry report aims to answer these questions.

On the following links, you’ll find a wealth of information to guide your most important business decisions. See what industries are spending more on promo products. Find out what single added service can boost your sales the quickest. Learn what marketing tactics are getting customers’ attention. Understand how to set your company apart and attract top talent.

The bottom line: If you’re feeling a bit uncertain about an evolving promo market, don’t just try to survive. Instead, chart a course for lasting success. Click on the links below to get started.