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New Captain Marvel Merch-Marketing Has Fans Excited

Before the movie, the merch.

So it is with the film Captain Marvel. Due out in 2019, the highly anticipated 21st flick in the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be the first to feature a female lead, with Brie Larson signed up to play the title character. But this week, well in advance of the release, some branded swag for the film made its way quietly into the marketplace, with Insight Editions taking pre-orders for a logoed Captain Marvel notebook set. Each containing 64 pages, the notebooks reportedly ship April 2, 2019.

The notebook collection is a great marketing tool that’s already building new buzz about the film. Fans were pumped for the sneak peek at what’s to come -- and they want more.

We dig the marketing approach here. Tantalizing fans with some teaser merch and building on that as the release date nears is obviously smart. It’s another testament to the power of promotional products.