Case Study: Providing Branded Winter Apparel to A Fortune 100 Company

An inside look at how sales & projects come together.

Rep: Justin Moss, VP of Superior Promotions (asi/379023)
Job: Provide a Fortune 100 utilities company with branded winter apparel and accessories for its internal and external sales teams.
Dollar Value: $295,000

Step 1: Impress & Inspire

Following a quote request, Moss and his team created a virtual presentation that featured products closest to what the client wanted. Then Moss brought the customer in to see Superior’s boutique-style showroom and view decorated samples, which included a light-up zipper pull as a creative touch. Lastly, Superior offered to build a free web portal that would help collect apparel sizes for the client’s reps – a huge timesaver. The up-front hustle enabled Superior to beat out three other competing distributors. “Showing extra effort makes all the difference in relationships and separates the quote submitters from the quote winners,” says Moss.

Among other items, Superior provided jackets to its client.

Step 2: Source Smart

The client had a long list of demands, including attractive and functional winter apparel that would stay true to its brand identity and quality standards, all while being on budget. “These items had to be a specific color, they had to have a certain temperature rating, they needed to be heat transfer-tolerant and had to be available domestically,” says Moss. Fully understanding the client’s needs, Moss and his crew guided the customer to options that would work best. Superior managed this with the help of trusted suppliers, even enhancing products along the way. “We added key features we knew the client would love, based on their functional needs,” says Moss.

Step 3: Satisfy Safety

Safety was a priority for the client, as reps often work at darker times and on busy streets. To allay concern, Superior added one of the creative touches Moss mentioned – namely, the client’s logo done in reflective ANSI-certified material on the back and front of jackets. The light-up zipper pulls, which featured the client’s logo, also came into play. “It was a small added touch with functionality and safety in mind,” says Moss.

Step 4: Build on the Win

In the end, the order was a big hit. The client was thrilled with Superior’s service, solutions and products, which also included winter hats, gloves, long-sleeve polos and lanyards. In savvy fashion, Moss and company propelled the win into additional business. “The client said the job is ours again next year, and we’ve received several new clients via referral from this one job,” says Moss.

1. In an RFQ competition, go the extra mile up front.
2. Fully understand all facets of clients’ goals and needs.
3. Creatively enhance products in ways that align with client objectives.
4. Build a successful sale into referrals and more business.