Imprinted T-Shirts Honor Teacher Who Stopped Noblesville School Shooting

When shots are fired, most run away from the bullets. Jason Seaman ran toward them.

In a story that’s made national headlines, the middle school teacher stopped a school shooting Friday in Noblesville, IN, when he tackled and disarmed a student gunman in his 7th grade classroom. While one student, 13-year-old Ella Whistler, was seriously wounded, no students were killed, thanks to Seaman’s heroic actions, authorities say.

In the wake of the shooting, the Noblesville High School Athletic Department quickly offered for sale an imprinted T-Shirt that honors Seaman and Whistler. Available here for $15, proceeds from sales of the shirts will benefit Seaman, Whistler and their families.

Proceeds from sales of these T-shirts benefit hero teacher Jason Seaman and student Ella Whistler, who was injured during a Friday school shooting in Noblesville, IN.

The messaging on the shirts is a tribute to Seaman and Whistler. In addition to the hashtag “#NOBStrong” for Noblesville Strong, the tees feature the number “91”, which Seaman wore while a college football player at Southern Illinois University. The shirts also include Ella Whistler’s initials – “EW.” The design was a collaboration between Noblesville-based T&T Sales & Promotions (asi/341225), which is producing the shirts, and the Noblesville Schools athletic director, her assistant, and the Seaman and Whistler families. “We are a strong close-knit community, and we want to come together in support of not just the two families, but all the students and staff in our schools. Everyone was affected,” Laurie Dyer, co-owner of T&T, told Counselor.

The shirts quickly sold out during a recent Noblesville baseball game, but remain available for sale online through June 1st. Dyer told Counselor on Tuesday that about 3,000 T-Shirts had sold so far. T&T will also be donating money to a to-be-determined children’s mental health organization.

Like the “Boston Strong” T-shirts that emerged following the Boston Marathon bombing, the Humboldt Strong apparel and merchandise that came out in April and other recent examples, the Noblesville T-Shirts again demonstrate the important role branded apparel and related promotional products can play in a community shaken by tragedy. Not only do the shirts help generate practical financial support for victims and their loved ones, they help foster a sense of togetherness, unity and support. “We’re glad –and very grateful -- to be involved with something that is helping to bring people together,” said Dyer. “There is a lot of love in this community.”

Seaman was released from the hospital Saturday, while Whistler was still hospitalized early this week – reportedly in critical but stable condition. The gunman’s name had not been released as of early Tuesday.