Where There’s a Cause, There’s a T-shirt

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As the executive editor of ASI’s Wearables magazine (the promo industry’s premier apparel and decorating resource), I’m always hearing about successful fundraisers powered by nothing more than a clever design and some social media savvy. To my mind, the T-shirt is not only a wardrobe staple, it’s the perfect medium for making a statement, boosting awareness and raising funds. 

Theresa Hegel, executive editor of Wearables magazine.

Like the Emerson College students a few years back who raised over a million dollars for the One Fund with their “Boston Strong” tees after the Boston Marathon bombing. Or the promo company that raised more than $13,000 for the Indianapolis Police Foundation with “Indy Strong” T-shirts. Or the Texas decorator that raised money to rebuild their hometown after 2015 flooding by creating “Texas Strong” T-shirts.

Clearly, there’s a lot of strength in the T-shirt fundraiser.

We wanted to highlight the work our readers are doing with the charities they believe in, which is why we created the 2017 Wearables T-Shirt Challenge. We’re asking apparel decorators to choose an item created for a nonprofit or a specific fundraiser and submit the design, along with background details about the garment.

We’ll post the finalists online for voting and social media sharing. A selection of finalists will be featured in the August issue of Wearables, and we’ll also make a donation to the charity/fundraiser of the winning design.

The deadline to enter the 2017 Wearables T-Shirt Challenge is April 21. Apparel decorators with a knack for design and a good cause to promote can enter by clicking here.

– Theresa Hegel (@TheresaHegel) ‏

ASI’s executive editor of Wearables magazine