WOVIN Brands Acquires Handy Industries

Jackson, WI-based WOVIN Brands announced Monday that it has acquired Handy Industries (asi/78206). WOVIN Brands - the parent company of WOV-IN (asi/92980), Promopet (asi/79698) and Footprints USA (asi/55030) - will add Handy’s pet-focused products to its Promopet offerings, but will not be carrying forward Handy’s automotive line. Financial terms of the deal were kept private.

Going forward, WOVIN will not be maintaining Handy’s ASI number and personnel from the City of Industry, CA-based firm are not joining the Wisconsin supplier, Kimberly Damp, sales and marketing coordinator at WOVIN, told Counselor. Production of Handy’s pet products – which include pet bag dispensers, travel pet bowls and pet toys – is relocating to Jackson, WI. WOVIN Brands plans to begin processing Handy-related orders starting Friday. “We’ve had a great working relationship with Handy Industries for years and we expect a natural, seamless transition that customers shouldn’t even notice,” said Damp.

Jessie Johnson, president of WOVIN Brands, expressed excitement at adding strong products to Promopet’s already robust line. “Promopet is committed to being the #1 source for promotional pet products in the industry,” said Johnson. “We look forward to the opportunity to impress Handy’s current customers with our unparalleled customer service and commitment to partnering with our customers.”

The purchase of Handy Industries marks the second acquisition for WOVIN Brands in less than a year. In October, WOVIN Brands acquired the assets of Footprints USA. Following that deal, WOVIN Brands moved Footprints USA operations to its Wisconsin facility and maintained the custom promotional footwear company’s brand identity.

WOVIN Brands is a third-generation family business that has been in operation for more than 40 years.