Scenes From The Fashion Shoot

Each year, Wearables puts together an elaborate fashion spread, showcasing the hottest industry apparel and accessories, presented in a creative way. For 2018, we came up with 10 different end-user personas – from festival fashionista to workout warrior – and dressed our models to match each archetype. The results, in the September issue of the magazine, were impressive. Just as intriguing, however, was what went on behind the scenes to ensure a successful photoshoot. Check out some highlights below.

We solicited apparel from a variety of industry suppliers, nabbing everything from a mesh crop top and straw fedora to a high-end leather tote bag and sleek pencil skirt.

Photographer Ryan Geraghty works on getting the perfect shot of models Nicholas Skidmore and Alexa McLay.

Lucky for us, Alexa has been practicing yoga for years in her leisure time. Check out her moves in the video below.

Nicholas takes a break in his “Dad on the Go” gear. 

Art Director Hillary Glen monitors the monitor, making sure we have enough poses before moving on to the next outfit.

Megan Ambroch adjusts Alexa’s hair and makeup, giving her a polished, professional look.

Alexa and Nicholas indulge in a spirited game of “beer” pong – all in a day’s work.

Who’s the better pong player? You decide.

Editorial Intern Rachel Ramirez shows off her personal stash of “kandi,” colorful rave bracelets she lent us for the “festival fashionista” and “righteous raver” looks.

The bracelets are the perfect accessory to finish off these festival-ready outfits. 

Why not add a barrage of beach balls to the mix?

Four beach balls went up, and luckily, none hit the models on the head.

Alexa gets some fun face paint to accentuate her festival outfit and make our cover shot even more distinctive.