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Top 10 Promotional Products Tweets Of The Week - October 28, 2016

Welcome to my Top 10 Fave Tweets of the week, Halloween Edition! I've combed Twitter in search of the best spooky (and funny) Halloween-themed tweets from industry folks and others. From Trumpkin to The Great Pumpkin, these tweets are scary good. Enjoy! If you missed last week’s edition, you can read them here. And as always, if you want your tweets included for consideration, tweet at me at @asicentral and I will add you to a list.

Number 10: Business Insider

Any time you can combine Halloween with cars I'm all in. Missing from this list from Business Insider, however: Christine. (That car -- and movie -- still gives me nightmares!)

Number 9: St. Croix Print

Jumping on a trend -- in this case, National Black Cat Day (who knew, right?) -- our friends over at St. Croix Print whipped up this cool graphic in honor of those misunderstood felines. Mew gotta love it!

Number 8: FDNY

Look at the FDNY doin' social media right! This public service announcement is not only helpful but it's clever. Ichabod Crane looks good in uniform!

Number 7: Tim Priebe

For coffee addicts like myself, it doesn't get any scarier than this.

Number 6: Jay Busselle

What do you get when you cross #NationalPumpkinDay with Donald Trump? A whole lotta this.

Number 5: Spectrum Print

I'm actually making the "Mummy Dogs" for a Halloween party that I found in this link shared by Spectrum Printing. Thanks guys!

Number 4: Jason Hess

What Jason Hess has done here is nothing short of brilliant. Combined a popular Halloween cartoon ("It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown") with his business for an awesome self-promotion graphic. Clever and punny, this is social media done right!

Number 3: Sven Granlund

Must. Have. Regan. Bobblehead.

Number 2: America's Most Haunted

The world needs more ghost humor.

Number 1: Larry Kim

Might be the funniest thing I've ever read about death! (#RIPG+)