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Top 10 Promotional Products Tweets Of The Week - October 21, 2016

From "Paws" to political puppets, I’m back for another week of my 10 favorite tweets from our industry and beyond! If you missed last week’s edition, you can read them here. And as always, if you want your tweets included for consideration, tweet at me at @asicentral and I will add you to a list.

Number 10: Brand Fuel

Always looking for the next big thing, our friends over at Brand Fuel might be onto something pretty big.

Number 9: It's Julia

I'm a sucker for trending topics, and since Halloween is right around the corner I was all over this one (#MakeAHorrorFilmLessScary). Kudos to Julia for combining cats and killer fish into one classic tweet.

Number 8: Baseball Tonight

Baseball Tonight channeled Harry Doyle of 'Major League' to announce something that's only happened three times since 1954 - THE CLEVELAND INDIANS WIN THE PENNANT!

Number 7: Bullet Line

With the Election just a few weeks away, Bullet Line jumped on the #debate train with this industry-forward tweet promoting the effectiveness of ad specialties. #Winning!

Number 6: Shirtoid

Relevant, timely and creative. This is next-level branding badassery!

Number 5: Patrick Allmond

Not only does Patrick Allmond know how to work a crowd, he's pretty good at social media too! In this tweet he basically uses a gif from the movie 'True Lies' to ask a convention for directions to what's hot. 'Atta boy, Patrick!

Number 4: Promo Marketing

And then there's this: "It was a T-shirt company, and I had death threats." Wow.

Number 3: Artistic Toy

Here's a great example of an industry company jumping on a hot trend, in this case "puppets," which were a theme in Wednesday's prez debate. A video of these two hands puppets bickering back and forth calling each other puppets would've been monumental, but this is still pretty great! 

Number 2: Ricoma Embroidery

Embroidery is such a big part of our industry, and this tweet by Ricoma (re-tweeted by Theresa Hegel) shows just how intricate and beautiful it can be. Ahh...

Number 1: Steve Woodburn

There's a reason we refer to junk email as "Spam" ... because it's not good! And the food variant ain't much better, which made me scratch my head and wonder how this tweet from Steve Woodburn could possibly be true. But I've been to Hawaii a few times and people seem to love it. (Just keep it away from me!)