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Top 10 Promotional Products Tweets Of The Week - October 14, 2016

From chatbots to the #BoneZone, I’m back for another week of my 10 favorite tweets! If you missed last week’s, click here. And if you want to be included for future consideration, please tweet at @asicentral and I’ll add you to a list.

Number 10: Amir Shevat

This might be nerd humor, but it's still humor. Bonus: A free bag!

Number 9: The Magnet Group

Promo products are everywhere, even on the hit sitcom Modern Family. Props to our friends at The Magnet Group for finding this gem.

Number 8: Stahls Direct

And I thought everyone loved Fridays. 

Number 7: Jay Busselle

Big brands tend to be very quiet about branding changes. Our friend Jay's one observant fella.

Number 6: USCPSC

This clever pun is a play on the classic Tammy Wynette song Stand By Your Man. Well played, product safety friends. Well played.

Number 5: Tim Andrews

The ASI-Lympics took place this week, as our very own President and CEO Tim Andrews tweeted out. (What a great time, too!)

Number 4: NHL on NBC

Hockey's back. 'Nuf said.

Number 3: Michele Bell

No matter your political leanings, this is just plain funny.

Number 2: Danny Rosin

Wait, what? You'll just have to read this unique take on the benefits of petty crime.

Number 1: Ken Bone

Not since "Chewbacca Mom" has the Internet embraced such an unlikely celebrity. The red-sweater-wearing Bone is using his 15 minutes of fame wisely; he's now selling promotional merch, which is why I love this tweet so much. Who's going to the #BoneZone?!