Web Exclusive

Top 10 Promotional Products Tweets of the Week - October 7, 2016

Each week I spend a good deal of time on Twitter posting and engaging with folks about everything from industry news and events to popular culture, sports and even trending global topics, so I read my share of tweets. Beginning this week, I’ll break down my 10 favorite tweets I read and why I included them on the list. They can be industry-related or not, educational or just plain funny. Enjoy! (And if you want to be included for future consideration, please tweet at me at @asicentral and I’ll add you to a list.)

Number 10: Staples Promo Products

Couldn't agree more with this sentiment.

Number 9: Danny Rosin

Silence of the Brandfuelians!

Number 8: Steve Woodburn

And I thought the $3 I was charged the other day was bad!

Number 7: Imagination Branding

This is me every time I attempt yoga. (Well, except for the boobs.)

Number 6: commonsku

A great list of movies and shows from the past 30 years that reference promotional products. Props to commonsku for finding video clips for all 10.

Number 5: ASICentral

This is me patting myself on the back for a dig at colleague and die-hard Mets fan C.J. Mittica after the Amazin's Wild-Card loss to the Giants. It's OK, C.J., I'm a Jets fan and can relate to this sort of sports misery.

Number 4: Theresa Hegel

A bridge too far indeed.

Number 3: Maple Ridge Farms

If you remember I Love Lucy and the classic candy scene, then you'll love this little video our friends over at MRF put together.

Number 2: Patrick Allmond

Not only does Patrick reference a great movie in The Jerk, but he includes a classic scene from it in gif format. Remember phone books? (I still act like this on pay day.)

Number 1: Ryan Hassenstab

Ryan made it perfectly clear that it's hard to smile when the U.S. is on the brink of clown domination! (What is going on?!).