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Promo Pro Pens Advice Book On Success, Living Well

Kirby Hasseman has a lot of titles – Internet marketing guru, leader in the promotional products marketplace, owner of Hasseman Marketing & Communications (asi/221824). But the title he is most proud of is “father.”

Impressively, Hasseman recently drew on some paternal inspiration to pen a new book titled Fan of Happy. The volume is written as a collection of very brief letter-essays (most a page or less long) to his daughters. Each essay delivers a unique and valuable lesson for the girls – and for anyone who wants to get ahead in business and life. The book is available on Amazon sega. Below is a sampling of insights from the book:

1.  Want to be important?  Make others feel important!  You can raise your stature in another’s eyes by taking the time to make them feel important. Take some time. Remember their name. Give them credit. They will be grateful.

2.  Get comfortable being uncomfortable. If you want to be really good at something, you need to be willing to be bad first. You have to give yourself permission to fail. By getting uncomfortable, you can create new experiences worth having.

3.  Want Success?  Be Consistent. The most under-rated skill for success…is consistency. You have to show up every day. If your customers, or audience, or prospects don’t know what to expect they will never fully trust you.

4.  There Is No Such Thing As Overnight Success. Any time you hear about an overnight success, you don’t know what hustle they have put in over the years. The very best (at everything) pay their dues…and earn it.

5.  Want to be better?  Play up! Whether in sports or business, if you want to be better, you need to play with people better and smarter than you. That will push you to up your game!