Web Exclusive

New Scrubs Block Fluids, Odors in Comfort

Health-care professionals are known for staying cool under pressure. Strategic Partners, which supplies scrubs under the Cherokee, Dickies, HeartSoul, CodeHappy and Disney brands, wants to help them maintain that cool. To that end, the company recently unveiled Certainty Plus, a fabric treatment that uses “nanotechnology to create fluid and stain resistance without clogging the fabric weave or compromising the look, feel or comfort of the garment,” according to Wendell Mobley, executive director of marketing communications for the company.

The product meets a definite need in the world of medical uniforms. Michael Singer, CEO of Strategic Partners, puts it delicately: “Health-care workers and other scrubs-wearing professionals often work long hours in conditions that can produce undesirable fluids and odors.” The new fluid-resistance technology helps liquids bead up and roll off a garment. Plus, antimicrobial properties help to keep odors at bay and extend the life of the item, though it's important to note that they don’t protect against bacteria, viruses or other disease organisms. With Certainty Plus scrubs, Mobley says, workers “feel fresh and look professional at the beginning and end of their shift.”

In the past, fluid-resistant and antimicrobial fabric was expensive, stiff and lacking in fashion, Mobley notes. He believes the Certainty Plus line reverses that trend, offering stylish and comfortable uniform options for doctors, nurses and others in the field.

Watch the below video to see the fluid-blocking technology in action.