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There’s A Ton of World Cup 2018 Branded Merchandise and Promotional Products

In two weeks, the 2018 World Cup will kick off in Russia, and the entire globe will be watching. Naturally, there’s an Everest-sized haul of branded merchandise and promotional products available to support soccer’s biggest international tournament. Here’s a quick look at some of the swag, from the expected like T-Shirts and jerseys, to the quirky, fun and downright over-the-top.

Adidas went big with this soccer ball. It’s made from a black, velvety fabric that’s covered in golden flowers done in the design of traditional Russian embroidery – a nod to the tournament’s host nation. If that weren’t swanky enough, the ball also features hand-placed Swarovski crystals. Those with massive quantities of cash to spend on unnecessary things can reportedly pre-order the ball from a Moscow department store for 99,000 rubbles, or $16,000 – hardly even lunch money for your average Muscovite oligarch.

Staying in the high-end realm, luxury brand Louis Vuitton released a World Cup Travel Collection. It includes a case for carrying the World Cup trophy, a backpack, a duffle bag, luggage tags, and the above official match ball collection trunk. Check the other items out on GQ.

For those of us of more humble means, there is a plethora of swag from which to choose. Want something that says not just World Cup, but very specifically “World Cup Russia”? Then this foam “Ushanka” from FIFA, world soccer’s governing body, might be perfect for you. An Ushanka is a traditional Russian cap, normally made of fur. This $15 version has side flaps that hold together with Velcro. The World Cup Russia emblem is on the front.

Keeping with the uber-Russian theme, check out this traditional Russian nesting doll. FIFA is selling the doll in its official store. It’s a bit pricey at $90, but we figure enthusiasts will find some change between the cushions.

On a major budget crunch, but still want World Cup merch? This $4.99 keychain from FIFA might be the way to go.

Looking for something for the kids? This $20 figurine will do the trick. It’s a representation of Zabivaka, a wolf that’s the official World Cup mascot. In Russian, Zabivaka means “the one who scores,” or so we’re told.

Here’s Zabivaka again, this time in pillow form.

Tired of video games and want to get in on real-world soccer action, but your knees aren’t what they used to be? Maybe this 50cm foosball table is the way to go.

The U.S. team failed to qualify for the World Cup 2018. Still, you can pick a team to root for and cheer them on while hoisting back a few cold ones via this official pint glass.

More of a teetotaler? Then this tea/coffee mug might be your World Cup drinking vessel of choice.

Should you need to work off pounds gained from World Cup partying, this official tournament gymsack will help you lug your activewear to the fitness center.

As might be expected, there is a wide variety of World Cup apparel pieces, including T-Shirts, jackets and hoodies. Below are a couple examples.

Staying in the apparel realm, there is a decidedly throwback, retro feel to the jerseys many national teams will be wearing at this year’s World Cup. The BBC did a great piece on the trend, an example of which is seen here with defending champion Germany’s kit top.

Last but not least, we thought we’d mention these candleholders the Mexican national team is making available to fans. If you’re super keen for a victory, perhaps lighting one of these and whispering a little prayer will help. A company called Global Products Solutions (GPS Imports Inc.) is distributing the items in the U.S., Abasto reports.