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Video: Smartwatch Innovation at CES

Smartwatches have taken a beaten lately, with the demise of Pebble and sluggish sales overall. But, many tech companies are hoping the category is just bruised, not broken. Several firms shared their own take on the smartwatch at CES 2017, offering bands that charge through body heat or that double as blood pressure cuffs. The “analog smartwatch” from Withings, a Nokia company, boasts a battery life of up to 25 days, despite tracking heart rate and movement and showing phone notifications. I spoke with Rob Le Bras-Brown, chief marketing officer at Nokia Technologies, about the watch.

I also connected with Jeffery D. Ray, global product manager of Omron, about its Project Zero 2.0 smartwatch concept. In addition to tracking sleep and activity, the watch can measure your blood pressure. He demonstrates how it works in this video: