Kids’ Drawings Become Embroidered Keepsakes

Earlier this month, we shared a fun story on our Facebook page about a young artist who got a little carried away: The preschooler in question scribbled lanky skeletons over the blank canvas of several outdoor couch cushions. Instead of a sponge, however, his mom broke out the thread and immortalized her son’s drawings as embroidery.

The lighthearted post had one of our readers, Debby Labrucherie, owner of Double L Designs in Discovery Bay, CA, sharing a similar story. Back in 2013, Labrucherie was working as a preschool teacher and asked her students to draw her some pictures. She digitized their art, then embroidered it onto towels, giving the finished product to the students’ mothers as a keepsake. “It’s a priceless gift,” Labrucherie says. Several of the mothers still have the towels in a safe place, Labrucherie says, and have even asked Labrucherie if she can put the same art onto a mug for them.

Check out the photos below to see how Labrucherie transformed the preschoolers’ art into embroidery.