CPSC Announces Two Recalls

The Consumer Product Safety Commission recently issued separate recalls on infant wiggle balls and children’s plates and bowls.

The first recall involves Bruin Infant Wiggle Balls, which generated six reports of rubber knobs breaking off, including four incidents in which pieces of the product ended up in children's mouths, posing a choking hazard. Also called giggle balls, about 29,700 units sold in the U.S. (3,000 in Canada) at Babies ‘R’ Us and Toys ‘R’ Us stores from June 2016 through January 2017 for about $13.

The blue toy has textured bumps for gripping, as well orange, green and yellow rubber knobs around the ball. Wiggling, vibrating and playing three different musical tunes, the recalled wiggle balls have model number 5F6342E and Toys ‘R’ Us printed on the product. “Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled balls, take them away from babies and return them to Babies ‘R’ Us or Toys ‘R’ Us for a full refund,” the CPSC said in a statement. Contact here.

In a different notice, the CPSC announced a recall on Children’s Playtex plates and bowls. The clear plastic layer over the graphics can peel or bubble from the surface of the plates and bowls, posing a choking hazard to young children. “Playtex has received 372 reports of the clear plastic layer over the graphics bubbling or peeling,” the CPSC said. “The firm has received 11 reports of pieces of the detached clear plastic found in children’s mouths, including four reports of choking on a piece of the clear plastic layer.”

The recall notice states that the plates have various printed designs including cars, construction scenes, giraffes, princesses, superheroes and more. The white polypropylene plates and bowls also have a colored rim on top and a non-slip bottom, on which “Playtex” is written. Approximately 3.6 million units sold in the U.S. (1.9 million in Canada) between October 2009 and October 2017 at Babies ‘R’ Us, Target, Walmart and other stores nationwide, as well as online at “Consumers should contact Playtex for a full refund,” the CPSC said. Contact here.

No ASI-listed companies were named in the recalls, which involved products made in China.