Royal Wedding ‘Merchspolsion’ Continues With Off-the-Wall Promotional Products

Counselor previously spotlighted the official and unofficial Royal Wedding merchandise hitting the market. But with England’s Prince Harry and American princess-to-be Meghan Markle poised to tie the knot on Saturday, we thought it was time to wade through the flood of additional swag that’s come out in anticipation of the royal couple’s nuptials. Here are some of the zanier selections we found.

First up, Pez dispensers. Apparently these were raffled off and earned nearly $10,000 for the charity Make-A-Wish-UK.

The dispensers received praise for supporting charity. Some, however, were a little put off by the design.

Next up, swimsuits featuring Harry and Meg’s faces in, uh, shall we say, “striking” all-over prints.

Apparently, not everyone was feeling the suits.

Others, however, couldn’t wait to get their hands on the swimwear.

Heading back to the edibles category, Ample Hills Creamery, an ice cream maker in Brooklyn, NY, produced “God Save the Cream” in honor of Meggers and her beau. (Sidenote: Ample Hills has done some sweet work on Star Wars-related ice cream, too.)

If you overindulge on the ice cream and the Pez, or are just plain sick to your stomach of what some see as the saccharine sentimentality around the wedding, you can make use of this rather memorable product.

Certainly some folks planned to use the bag.

Despite some naysaying products, there was a profusion of pro-wedding merch, of course. Markle fans could, as these socks from New Look invite, sparkle like the soon-to-be royal.

Lovers of the monarchy also had seemingly endless T-Shirt options for commemorating the wedding.

And, naturally, there were bobbleheads, too. How could there not be?

Finally, we’re not sure if this qualifies as Royal Wedding merch, but what the heck, it’s odd enough to be worth taking a gander at.