Promo Supplier Recalls Wireless Chargers

Bluefin International, which does business as LogoIncluded (asi/67837), is voluntarily recalling wireless phone chargers in conjunction with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). The Cumming, GA-based firm has received three reports of the smartphone chargers overheating. While that poses a burn hazard to consumers, no injuries have been reported, the CPSC said.

According to the recall notice, the chargers were distributed as a free promotional item to attendees at the FICO World tradeshow in Miami Beach, FL, as well as other events and in the ad specialty channel during April 2018. About 3,000 units were imported, with approximately 2,200 making it to the marketplace, LogoIncluded told Counselor.

“If you received our AC16B Wireless Charger during the time period of April 1 - April 30 please be aware of this recall,” read a statement on the LogoIncluded website. The recall only applies to units purchased during the April 2018 timeframe, the company said. “Unfortunately, we discovered that this shipment was defective and some of the units are getting too hot, causing some smoke and distortion of the plastic casing,” LogoIncluded’s statement continued.

After detecting the issue with the chargers in late April, the supplier decided to initiate a recall, LogoIncluded VP Alex Harrod told Counselor. He said that the company made an extensive effort to track down the chargers in circulation to ensure they were either returned or discarded. Of the 2,200 or so that were sold, all but 153 have been accounted for so far through LogoIncluded’s reach-out effort. “We pride ourselves on being a good supplier who provides cool, new, innovative and safe products,” said Harrod, noting this is LogoIncluded’s first ever recall. The company launched in 2001, he said. “We decided to take a little egg on the chin now in order to do what we felt was right, which was to do the recall,” Harrod said. “We’re not just a vendor; we’re a responsible partner to our clients.”

According to the CPSC, the model number of “AC16B” is printed on the bottom of the recalled chargers, which were made in China. The products are circular and have clear edges and a white plastic center with black trim. They measure about 3.9" in diameter and are 0.4" tall. They come with a black USB cable. Harrod told Counselor that LogoIncluded sourced the items from a reliable factory with which it routinely conducts business, adding this was an isolated slip-up for the production facility. “This was just a one-time defective batch that we received,” LogoIncluded said in its statement. “We are doing everything in our power to correct the situation. We take great pride in our product quality, and when something happens we always do our best to be the partner you count on.”

Potentially affected customers and recipients can contact LogoIncluded at or by calling 877-211-7220, ext. 145.