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Fortnite Launches Branded Merchandise Store On Amazon

Fortnite, the ubiquitously popular survival video game from Epic Games, has launched an official branded merchandise store on Amazon. T-Shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts and PopSockets – predicted to be 2018’s Fidget Spinner – populate the offerings.

For promotional products distributors, the direct-to-consumer store is perhaps notable, in part, because it is another signal of increased competition from Amazon – namely, that a major brand decided to host their official ecommerce merch store on the Seattle-based tech company’s platform. Counselor has previously written about the potential competitive threat from Amazon.

The store is also notable in that it possibly bellwethers opportunity for distributors. Gaming is soaring in popularity, especially among younger demographics. Companies that create games, game brands, and competitors and tournaments in the growing worlds of eSports and competitive gaming figure to be in search of branded swag and ecommerce solutions for selling the items.

Given the devotion many gamers have to their beloved games – as this below tweet perhaps evidences – we figure gaming merch is poised to do rather well.

Anyway, below are some samples from the official store for Fortnite – a game set in a contemporary Earth in which a storm wipes out most of the population and zombie-like creatures appear to decimate the folks who remain. Game on.

Fortnite Battle Bus PopSocket.


Fortnite Graffiti Artist T-Shirt.

Fortnite Tools of the Trade Hoodie.