Smart Promotional Items at CES

CES is a proving ground for technology of all shapes and sizes, but like any good trade show, the massive consumer tech expo is also a showcase of swag. Although many of the booths stuck to proven classics like pens, T-shirts and tote bags, others went for more faddish fun like fidget spinners and PopSockets, the popular collapsible phone grip and stand. (PopSockets itself was giving away its own product, with a Las Vegas-themed design, at its CES booth.)

Quite a few of the exhibitors put some thought into the promotional items they brought to Vegas. Sleep tech companies gave out branded sleep masks. Whistle, which makes smart pet collars, gave out a logoed tennis ball for attendees’ furry friends. CabinR, a secure luggage system for preventing in-flight theft, had a sturdy luggage tag for travelers. Kolibree, an augmented-reality toothbrush for kids, was giving out travel cases to keep toothbrush bristles sanitary. Gogo Air, an inflight entertainment provider, had branded balsawood airplane kits.

Check out some of the standout promotional items from CES 2018:

Whistle, which makes smart pet collars, handed out branded tennis balls.

Branded sleep masks were popular among booths that peddled sleep tracking and coaching.

Fidget spinners were a big promotional item at CES. (The red Kingston spinner features three light-up buttons.)

Pepcom gave out a number of items at its Digital Experience! event, a “technology tailgate” for media members held off-site the night before CES officially kicks off. The haul includes a can cooler with attached bottle opener, embroidered hat and decorated playing cards.

Logoed PopSockets were another popular promotional item at CES.

Many companies got creative with the USB drives that held their media kits. (My favorite is the red hand with articulated fingers from uSens, a smartphone augmented-reality engine.)