Agricultural Opportunity

Sometimes, the best way to stir sales is by capitalizing on new channels of opportunity with current customers. Doing just that helped Cover-All Embroidery drive an approximately 20% annual rise in business in 2013.

Based in Cedar Falls, Iowa, the embroidery shop produces a significant body of contract work for a company that sells to end-buyers in the agricultural industry. A 14-head operation, Cover-All was accustomed to logoing everything from polo shirts to traditional workwear. But last year, the need for high-visibility wearables that’s widespread in industries like construction and manufacturing swept into the agricultural market in Cover-All’s neck of the woods. With demand high, shop Owner Bob Ehlers Jr. and his team were up to their necks in orders that called for logoing fluorescent-colored gear.

Through late summer into autumn, Cover-All stitched no less than 700 separate jobs involving high-visibility vests, T-shirts and jackets. The stream of orders kept the shop busy, but fortunately didn’t present particularly onerous challenges. “Hooping on some of the coats was a little tougher,” Ehlers says, “but we handled it. All the orders helped us have a good year.” 

In 2014, decorators should keep in mind that the desire for high-visibility wearables in the agriculture industry is likely to grow. As you pursue such business, know that service is paramount to turning these customers into repeat clients. “It’s an industry that’s moving all the time,” Ehlers says. “You have to keep moving with it, especially in the fall during harvest.”