ASI Research

Impressions Study

Impressions Study

The ASI® Ad Impressions Study was first launched in 2006 by ASI’s research team to give our members powerful data that proves what we already knew – that advertising specialties are one of the most high-impact, cost-effective advertising mediums around.

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State of the Industry

Counselor® State of the Industry

Counselor's annual guide identifies 8 strategies that are leading distributors to fast growth.

Decorator State of the Industry

Stitches'® 5th-annual decorated apparel industry survey designed as a how-to manual for decorators and digitizers.

Industry Sales

Distributor Industry Sales

Distributor 2nd Quarter Report 2015

Distributor Sales Report

Distributor Annual Reports

Distributor 5 Year Trends

Supplier Industry Sales

Supplier 2nd Quarter Report 2015

Supplier Sales Report

Supplier Annual Reports

Supplier 5 Year Trends

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