Power 50: No. 3 Marty Lott & Jeremy Lott, SanMar

Welcome to the 2017 Power 50 list, which ranks the most influential people in the industry.

#3: Marty Lott & Jeremy Lott, SanMar (asi/84863)

2016 Rank: 4



Title: CEO

Title: President

Industry Experience: 46 years

Industry Experience: 16 years

Birthplace: Seattle

Birthplace: Seattle

The father-and-son tandem at SanMar has never fallen out of the top five on our Power 50 list – and for good reason. SanMar is a perennial winner across several Distributor Choice Award categories, has an impeccable reputation for customer service and its growing sales are nearing $1 billion. The Lotts are clearly the driving vision behind this success.