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Yoga Studio

Kelly M. was into yoga long before it became a craze, but now that the rest of the world has caught up with her, she wants to give her studio a new push. Given her yogic frame of mind, however, Kelley is squeamish about self-promotion, but word-of-mouth alone is not a winning strategy. Thankfully, finding great imprintable products to promote her studio is no stretch.

To jump-start the effort, check with local businesses to see if any would be interested in a free weekly class for their employees. The investment could pay off by luring potential students who have an interest in yoga, but who have hesitated committing. Plan for at least 20 to show, and offer attendees a terry sports towel generously imprinted with logo or information. A packet of aromatherapy lotion shares the studio’s message of relaxation and personal care while a three-piece salad container ties in the studio’s brand with messages of healthy eating and staying on-the-go.

Work with community authorities to reserve public spaces like a park for an outdoor session and capture some attention that way. Anyone attending the class should get something useful like a gel chill patch in case any atrophied muscles are strained by the gentle workout. A set of resistance bands are an easily portable exercise accessory with your client’s logo right in the sweet spot. And if some folks simply opt to join the mailing list, thank them for sharing their personal info with a single-serve pod filled with invigorating light-roast coffee.

Finally, yoga rewards persistence, so reward those especially persistent students who show up regularly. Colorful yoga mats can be given away to anyone who manages to make it to the studio consistently. For those who complete a certain number of classes, a fitness journal is a great incentive to stick with the program. And if your client is lucky enough to have students so dependable they attend classes each weekday, have a truly special yoga backpack with room for yoga block, towel and shoes.

Flexibility promotes longevity, and that’s as true for business as it is for the body. Help clients see the value in promotional products and you can both find success without bending over backward.


Hemmed terry loop towel is perfect for the stadium, gym or golf course, or as a rally towel. From Premium by Terry Collection, asi/90912, 800-728-6935.


Soothing and invigorating lotion pocket pack is ideal for aromatherapy and wellness programs. From Norwood, asi/74400, 877-667-9663.


Durable three-piece salad set is made of food-grade plastic and is dishwasher and microwave safe. From Jetline, asi/63344, 877-858-9908.


Heart-shaped chill patch is filled with soothing gel to provide cool relief. From Alpi, asi/34415, 800-678-2574.


Yoga mat is made of soft touch non-toxic PVC foam with a woven label sewn to mat. From WOV-IN, asi/92980, 800-558-1709.


This light roast coffee pod is designed for single serve coffee brewers. From Webb Collection, asi/95838, 800-999-9322.


Promote good health with this 280-page diet and fitness journal with flexi-covered wire. From The Book Company, asi/41010, 800-367-9388.


Colorful exercise resistance bands feature foam grips and easily fold into a gym bag. From Crown Products, asi/47700, 800-367-2769.


Backpack-style yoga bag has a built-in water bottle holder and a roomy rear compartment. From Yoga Sak, asi/98816, 877-964-2725.