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WWE Launches Pet Products

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has a storied history with animals, from legends of the ring like Gorilla Monsoon and Junkyard Dog to furry mascots like Matilda and Frankie. Now WWE has enhanced that relationship by launching a collection of pet products available at retailers nationwide.

Partnering with pet products supplier Petmate, the professional wrestling juggernaut offers collars, leashes, beds and toys all emblazoned with the WWE logo and showcasing top stars such as Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock and John Cena.

“There are more than 68 million American families devoted to their pets and you can count WWE fans among those passionate pet lovers,” Chris Wilson, executive vice president of marketing and new product development for Petmate, said in a press release. “The superstars and iconic symbols of WWE translate extremely well into these new innovative quality pet products that appeal to all fans.”

The toys include rubber chew items and rope tugs in the shape of championship belts and WWE’s Money in the Bank briefcase. Beds and loungers are adorned with wrestlers’ catchphrases and the WWE Divas’ logo. The adjustable dog collars and leashes also feature custom superstar prints and patterns.

In addition to pet store shelves, the collection is available online at Amazon, PetSmart.com, and Walmart.com. For more information, visit Petmate.com.