The Best Industry Perks

For this year’s 75 Best Places to Work, Counselor asked the honored companies to spill their secrets about what makes their workplaces so fun and engaging. The results: Details about hundreds of unique and compelling perks. We have identified the 10 best, but it’s up to our readers to determine the #1 perk. Read our Top 10 list and then vote below for your favorite company perk.

  1. Two Weeks of Holiday PTO – Wizard Creations
    Most people only get two extra days around Christmas and New Year’s. Two whole weeks? This distributor makes other companies look like Ebenezer Scrooge.
  2. Unlimited Time Off – Quintain Marketing, The Book Company
    Of course, no need to give time off at the holidays when you can take off as much as you want, like at these two companies. Unlimited PTO policies are gaining a lot of buzz, so it’s no surprise to see industry companies implementing them.
  3. Conference Room Bar – Sunrise Identity
    There were lots of compelling entries when it came to imbibing: beer on tap, regular wine tastings, “Drink-Cart Fridays.” This distributor has them all beat by converting one of its conference rooms into a bar. Meetings just got way more fun.
  4. Sponsored Meditation Class – PromoShop
    Stressed out by work and life? Then take an hour and decompress at this sponsored meditation class, free of charge to any employee at this distributor.
  5. Sabbatical – eCompanyStore LLC, iClick
    If one hour is not enough to recharge your batteries, look to both of these companies, which offer paid three-week sabbaticals in addition to the standard vacation time.
  6. Paid Maternity Leave – Zorch, Stowebridge Promotion Group
    The U.S. is one of three countries in the world without paid maternity leave. (The others: Papua New Guinea and Suriname.) These companies show some much-needed respect for the working mothers (and fathers!).
  7. 4 Hours of Silence – Brand Fuel
    Inspired by a TED talk, this policy bars face-to-face interaction during a 4-hour window every Wednesday. No talking with others, no distractions – just a chance to attack the most important items on your to-do list.
  8. Food Aplenty – Stowebridge Promotion Group
    Hungry? You won’t be at this company, which offers a theater-style popcorn machine, a freezer stocked with ice cream and popsicles during the Arizona summer, and even surprise banana-split pancakes made by the owner some mornings.
  9. Happiness Initiative – IRIS Ltd., Inc. (Attachmentville)
    Spirits ran high after this program, where employees were asked to journal, exercise, practice random acts of kindness, identify three grateful things and meditate. Many employees reconnected with people they lost touch with.
  10. Friday Fun – iClick
    Bringing in employees on Friday is no problem at this company, which plays a game run by one department on a rotating basis. Past games include rock-and-roll trivia, building art sculptures with Play Doh or constructing the tallest structure with paper sheets.