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I Earned My BASI: Craig Aukamp

Craig Aukamp, president and CEO of Chief Marketing Advisors Inc. (asi/161682), shares how earning his BASI gave him greater credibility and helped him to quadruple sales in a year and build stronger long-term relationships with clients.

What I Learned…
After earning my BASI, I realize how important it is to maintain a consistent learning balance, both in real-life applications as well as from experts in the field. Taking the steps necessary in the classroom environment is critical for success. I can confidently state that all of the courses had a tremendous impact on me.

How I Took Action…
One area that I focused on this year is apparel. For instance, knowing how embroidery versus screen printing can impact the brand impression as well as increase perceived value helps you to help clients grow their businesses.

My Business ROI…
In less than one year, I have quadrupled my business because I took the time to learn, ask questions and focus on the benefits of each class. I had the added confidence to gain new customers. I used information from the courses and put them in proposals so clients could see the benefits of different promotional products. This helped me gain new partners and increase my desire to continue my education. I’ll be working on my MASI this year. I know this will help me be even more prepared and poised to grow at a much faster rate than I could have ever anticipated.

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The free ASI Certification Program offers two certification levels for our members: BASI (Bachelor of Advertising Specialty Information) and MASI (Master of Advertising Specialty Information). To learn more and start working toward your own certification, visit www.asicentral.com/education