London Fashion Brand Embraces Digital Printing

Since 2003, Contrado – an aspirational fashion and lifestyle brand, part of Contrado Imaging Ltd. – has been turning heads. “We specialize in custom fabric printing on demand, allowing artists, designers and creatives to cultivate their own unique style,” explains Chris Childs, managing director and founder of Contrado Imaging Ltd.

A mix of Latin and Greek, Contrado means “to assemble and deliver,” as the company prints on demand, hand-makes every order in-house and ships products quickly.

“We print on over 100 types of fabrics and more than 450 products,” Childs says. “You create, and we make your visions come to life in a sustainable, eco-friendly way.”

The ordering process is simple: Customers choose a product or fabric they want their design printed on; then, using an online design interface, they upload their file and select from several editing options. “For the perfect finishing touch, our label and tag printing is a great way for fashion and pattern designers to add branding or product information,” Childs says.

Sustainability and environmental protection are core values for Contrado. “Eco-friendly practices are at the core of our production, from responsibly sourced materials to our principles on energy usage,” he notes. “Printing on demand means we only use what we need, preventing unnecessary waste.”

The company partners with passionate artists to offer collections of original, eye-catching designs. Each product is manufactured to order in west London. According to Childs, “Our London heritage plays a big part in our foundations, and we’re proud to support our city, the U.K. and our neighbors in the EU.”

The company’s fabric choices include silk, organza, satin, cotton, lace, leather, velvet and a range of organic and natural textiles. Contrado uses digital printing and sublimation with nontoxic water-based inks.

“Contrado’s core values are to support and nurture creativity and originality, and change the way people buy fabrics and lifestyle products,” Childs says. “Our ambition is to be a place where fashion and technology make perfect sustainable partners.”

Visit Contrado.co.uk to learn more.