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History Plays Part In T-Shirt Giveaway

How’s this for a clever promotion? The NBA’s Charlotte Hornets are channeling history for today’s home opener as they give away teal-colored tuxedo T-shirts to all fans.  

As legend has it, a number of fans wore tuxedos to the inaugural Hornets game back in 1988 to celebrate the city’s first major professional sports team. And since the current franchise is a new era for Charlotte – they relocated to New Orleans for a few years, then added a new franchise called the Bobcats that eventually was renamed Hornets – the team has tried to embrace its roots. 

The T-shirts, which are made to look like classic formalwear in the dominant color of the team, are emblazoned with the Hornets’ logo and draped over all the seats of Time Warner Cable Arena.  

And this is not the first time they’ve done this. Last year the franchise welcomed back the original Hornets name with a similar giveaway. That game, which gave away black-colored tuxedo T-shirts, drew a sellout crowd.