2017 Hot List

Meet the industry's rising stars - a brave, bold group that’s trailblazing a unique path to success.

They come from every corner of America – the innovators, the go-getters and the industry’s pioneers. They are the faces of growing companies, the backbone of big brands and some of the best of the best in sales, marketing and design. Their ability to stand out is undeniable, and for that, they’ve earned their place on Counselor’s 2017 Hot List.

How are these headliners finding such success? If there’s a formula they’re using it seems to be this one: take risks, do things differently and keep moving forward.

The result of their resolve doesn’t just elevate their own careers, but lifts the industry as a whole. When they earn notoriety or create bold marketing campaigns, the entire promo market benefits.

Of course, their professional achievements are only a part of their stories. Read on to discover what inspires our Hot Listers to be great and how they’re planning to take on whatever challenges lie ahead.

Gina Barreca

Company: Vantage Apparel (asi/93990)
Learn more about Gina here!

Elizabeth Bennett

Company: Fey Promotional Products Group (asi/54040)
Learn more about Elizabeth here!

Matthew Boelk

Company: Groceries Apparel (asi/58273)
Learn more about Matthew here!

Sean Burns, Jesse Goodwick & Jared Lazar

Company: Team Phun (asi/342550)
Learn more about Sean, Jesse and Jared here!

Tracey Clingen

Company: Genumark (asi/204588)
Learn more about Tracey here!

Heather Comerford

Company: 1338Tryon (asi/287946)
Learn more about Heather here!

Joe Durham

Company: HALO (asi/356000)
Learn more about Joe here!

Johanna Gottlieb

Company: Axis Promotions (asi/128263)
Learn more about Johanna here!

Julie and Dan Haar

Company: Proforma Strategic Promotions (asi/300094)
Learn more about Julie and Dan here!

John Henry III

Company: JH Specialty (asi/232445)
Learn more about John here!

Michael Hung

Company: Headwind
Learn more about Michael here!

Tsedenia Kiros

Company: Charles River Apparel (asi/44620)
Learn more about Tsedenia here!

Michael Levitt

Company: MRL Promotions (asi/258137)
Learn more about Michael here!

Yuhling Lu

Company: Ariel Premium Supply (asi/36730)
Learn more about Yuhling here!

Guy Malk

Company: St Regis Group
Learn more about Guy here!

Bill and Sharon Miller

Company: BCG Creations (asi/37693)
Learn more about Bill and Sharon here!

Renya Nelson

Company: Brand+Aid (asi/145193)
Learn more about Renya here!

Kate Plummer

Company: Clearmount (asi/45440)
Learn more about Kate here!

Crystal Rueck

Company: Cotton Candy (asi/169186)
Learn more about Crystal here!

Rob Russell

Company: Strike Promo (asi/67451)
Learn more about Rob here!

Rich Santo

Company: Culture Studio (asi/700559)
Learn more about Rich here!

Gregg Szpicek

Company: Prime Line (asi/79530)
Learn more about Gregg here!

Marcia Tarnoff

Company: Blank2Branded (asi/141113)
Learn more about Marcia here!

Andy Thorne

Company: Outstanding Branding (asi/288519)
Learn more about Andy here!

Amy Waldorf

Company: Overture Promotions (asi/288473)
Learn more about Amy here!