Advantages Product Video Contest

Congrats to Snugz USA, our 2017 Best Product Video champion!

Championship Results:
Snugz USA roared out of the gate and withstood a fierce comeback attempt by Towel Specialties. But in the end Germ Warfare was too much for the Beach Blanket Tote. See the results here!

“SnugZ USA is ecstatic to have won the Advantages Best Product Video Contest!” says Cody Belnap, the company’s digital marketing coordinator. “We are grateful to our team, everyone who voted, the amazing competitors, and ASI for promoting this fun contest.”

Round 3 Results:
Snugz USA's Germ Warfare was too much for BMF Promotions' Plush Bear to handle, while Towel Specialties edged Logomark in a very close semifinal.

Round 2 Results:
A fierce second round has come to an end. Visit our Round 2 results page to see who won, and stay tuned Monday, March 20 for the Final 4 matchups!

Round 1 Results:
Voting has finished for the first round of the Advantages Product Video Contest, with multiple matchups battling it out right to the end. Visit our Round 1 results page to see who won. 

About The Contest
Why tell someone about a product when you can just show them? Such is the power of the product video: immediate, visual proof of what could be your customer’s next great promotion.

In March, Advantages held a winner-take-all contest between 16 product videos to determine which industry company created the best one. Head to our bracket to see the final results, and view all of the video entries.

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