Useful Safety Kits

The Scout’s motto of “Be Prepared” should apply to everyone. That’s why safety kits are ideal as a promotional product – you never know when you’re going to need one.

Fox 40 International Inc. (asi/55225)

The slender flat-body design of this whistle (Fox 40 M4) makes it a perfect keychain attachment. It’s a crucial tool in dangerous situations – walking at night, getting lost in the woods and more;


Safety Made (asi/84514)

Brands that put their customers’ safety first can reinforce the message with this survival kit (S125), which includes water, a flashlight, an emergency blanket and more;

Lion Circle Corp. (asi/67620)

This ID fingerprint kit (CID-EN) comes with a pre-inked finger print strip and areas for a photo and DNA sample. Ideal for police and school promos;

Kole Imports (asi/65536)

Use this first-aid kit (OL377) in the home, car or office. It’s jammed with emergency supplies like bandages, a cold pack, plastic gloves, tweezers, scissors, antiseptic wipes and more;

Safetec of America (asi/84502)

Reduce the risk of infection from improper blood spill cleanup with this Universal Precaution Compliance kit. It meets the OSHA Compliance standard for blood-borne pathogens;

Leed’s (asi/66887)

Preach road safety with this highway emergency set (1400-84).This 7-piece set includes screwdrivers, gloves, jumper cables, socket set and tire gauge;