Top 10 Tips for Networking on the Golf Course

If you’re looking to know a prospect better, drum up new business or simply extend your networking reach, there’s a simple solution: play a round of golf. The gentleman’s game is renowned for its ability to foster a deal.

At an outing, says Scott McLaren, president of Festival Promotions (asi/193462), there will be plenty of time to network with everyone: During check-in when everyone is milling around the putting green, at the post-game cocktails, before dinner and at the auction prize tables when people are browsing the offerings.

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The actual round of golf will be limited to just your three playing partners – but four hours together can yield quick and deep bonds, so long as you follow the “Top 10 Tips for Networking on the Course” that are offered up by the Golf Tournament Association of America (GTAA):

  1. Do not do business on the course – get to know them.
  2. Build a relationship – ask questions, be interested.
  3. Know the rules – don’t embarrass yourself.
  4. Do not cheat! Character matters. No bumping on the fairway.
  5. Don’t lose your temper. You’re not that good.
  6. Too much information – don’t ramble on. No one remembers.
  7. Be humble. Don’t pretend this is the worst game that you’ve played.
  8. Make an impression. Be polite and courteous.
  9. Pay for golf and lunch. Don’t be cheap.
  10. Have fun – and make sure they have fun.