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Creative Headwear Fit For Any Profession Or Activity

With over 2,000 products from surgeons’ caps to skull caps and bandanas, you’ll find exactly what you need to top off a promotion with the help of Sparkling Earth Products.

It all began with a need to cool off — a handy way to remain comfortable while golfing, biking, gardening or working outdoors. With that need in mind, Sparkling Earth Products was founded in 1991. “Our first product was the Arctic Bandana Cooling Tie,” says Bill Wiles, president of Sparkling Earth Products. “Since then, we have added skull caps, surgical caps, chef caps and headbands. It is our goal to provide our customers with made in the USA, superior quality products at reasonable prices.” This year, 2016, is Sparkling Earth’s 25th year in business.

The ASI-rated 5-star supplier has certainly matched its goal to provide a wide array of reasonably priced, quality headwear, and continues to broaden the line of caps and related products. It adds both new styles and new prints with regularity. For example, a new “Think Positive Animals” surgical cap would be an excellent choice for doctors or nurses working with pediatric patients. A different style, Bouffant surgical caps, adds the extra benefit of keeping long hair in check while keeping sweat from your eyes thanks to a flat band on the forehead with a super absorbent sweatband.

The vast range of styles, colors and prints offered by Sparkling Earth Products gives you the ability to perfectly match your client’s needs. Together, you can choose a style and print that makes a statement about their individuality and expertise. If you don’t currently see a style or print that works, Sparkling Earth Products can custom create what you need. Have your client’s own design, club name, or company name printed on headwear. Sparkling Earth Products can screen print names, logos, graphics, etc. on most of its products.

“We provide screen-printed skull caps to various unions throughout the USA, as well as non-union organizations,” Wiles says. “We also supply the medical industry with screen-printed surgical caps for advertising and promotions.” In fact, Sparkling Earth surgical caps are worn exclusively in the CBS hit series N.C.I.S. New Orleans. There are many markets with a need for some type of headwear: food industry, awareness organizations, military, sports teams, construction, motorcycling clubs… the list goes on.

Thankfully, you have expert guidance in choosing the right headwear and design. “We have a specialist in advertising and promotional products who devotes all of her time to working with our advertising customers,” Wiles says. “Her name is Fredda White.” She and the Sparkling Earth team treat each customer with focused care, helping them to select and customize caps, head wraps and bandanas for their particular audience and situation.

Sparkling Earth receives regular feedback from its customers that its products are high quality and service is tops. The reason for its happy customers is simple: “We take care of our customers and always deliver on time,” Wiles says. “Our products are made in the USA and are high quality.”

Sparkling Earth Products is located at 2005 W. Rose Garden Lane, Phoenix, Arizona, 85027 U.S.A. You can call locally and internationally (623) 780-9674 x101, or call toll-free within the United States at (800) 871-1710 x101. Email fredda@sparkling earth.com.