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'Hat Salesman' Elon Musk A Maven of Merch

Look out, promo industry! Serial entrepreneur and bona fide genius Elon Musk has added a new title to his resume: “Hat Salesman.”

No, it’s true, really! While most know the brilliant billionaire as the SpaceX and Tesla CEO, few realize he also hates traffic so much he started a side gig called The Boring Company, a tunnel construction business whose primary objective is to create a subterranean transportation network … and to also sell hats. Lots of them.

Back in March, Musk introduced to the Twitterverse an embroidered hat bearing The Boring Company logo. Simple and a tad, well, boring, the hat – which may or may not have started out as a joke – began to garner interest on the social network. Not one to pass up an opportunity, Musk seized the day and by October was selling hats for $20 a pop. Almost immediately, hats began flying off the virtual shelf.

Fast-forward to mid-December and over 35,000 ($700,000) of The Boring Company hats have been sold, which compelled the newfound maven of merch to anoint himself a ‘Hat Salesman’ on his Twitter account.

But what happens when Musk sells out of the hat, which is capped at 50,000? We’ll let him tell you:

Branded flamethrowers, anyone?