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Video: Netflix Binge-Watchers Rejoice

Would you classify your TV habits under “severe binge-watcher”? Are your nights and weekends filled with the thought of wrapping up in a blanket for hours (days, weeks?) watching Netflix? Then boy, could this be for you.

Dubbed the “Netflix Binge Candle,” the company created an ad for a layered candle that burns as you watch your favorite show. The ad accompanies Netflix’s newest big release, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, which has four 90-minute episodes featuring each season of the year. The “burn as you binge” candle emits a new scent for the entirety of each episode. Talk about full immersion.

On the other hand, this is a great opportunity for product exposure. Prop that candle up on your coffee table and for 360 minutes, your product is front and center. Put another candle in for more late-night binges or re-purpose when done.

All you need now is some dark chocolate, a box of tissues, and a big glass of wine.

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