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4 Sizzle Recalls Wood Barrel Charcoal Grills

Supplier 4 Sizzle Inc. (asi/55213) has recalled promotional charcoal grills after incidents of the grills catching on fire. The recall is for wooden barrel-shaped grills that were produced for beer maker Shock Top Brewing Co. and featured the Shock Top logo on the front.

About 1,700 of the grills were used as store displays or were received by consumers through giveaways and auctions since November 2015. “It was a one-time custom order that was supposed to be used as store displays, but the distributors gave them out as promotional items after the display period,” 4 Sizzle Vice President Neil Henderson told Counselor. “One person attempted to use it as a smoker instead of a grill, and filled up the stand with charcoal while leaving it unattended.”

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) says that 4 Sizzle has received two reports of the grill catching on fire. No injuries have been reported. The products were manufactured in China. Henderson said that the company did “extensive UL safety testing as we do with all products.”

The CPSC advises recipients to stop using the grills and contact 4 Sizzle to return them. 4 Sizzle is offering either a $200 incentive or a full refund.

4 Sizzle carries dozens of grills in different varieties, including gas and charcoal. “We’ve already promised to never again do any kind of display with a grill or fire pit with a wooden stand,” said Henderson.