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Windswept Marketing

Windswept Marketing (asi/97248) presents Indirect Embroidery – a custom option that offers polished embroidery looks, without the raw itch of a traditional stitch. Brian Fuchs, president of Windswept Marketing, describes the rollout of patented Indirect Embroidery as a cost-efficient way for businesses to dictate how and where they’d like their branding to happen, and additionally have access to the latest embroidery trends, while preventing skin irritation and sloppy fabric puckering by using embroidery that adheres to fabric with a patented process.

For companies hoping to utilize embroidery in a creative fashion, Windswept Marketing also offers dye sublimation. Dye Sublimation Indirect Embroidery™ features a rainbow range of colors, distressed look, very fine details sublimated into the thread print, regardless of text size. Fuchs elaborates that both Indirect Embroidery ™ and Dye Sublimation Indirect Embroidery ™ options offer great permanent branding solutions to the standard embroidery limitations of detail, puckering and irritating backing. Companies hoping to avoid costly logo mistakes, including outdated logos, name changes or wrong colors, will also be pleased to note Indirect Embroidery’s cover-up process allows you to put new Indirect Embroidery ™ on top, without wasting product.

In addition to ordering custom Indirect Embroidery, decorators also can have access to the technology to create this imprinting technique in their shops. “Over the years, we’ve worked both with big players like the NFL and small businesses alike, and the question was always, ‘Can our business apply the Indirect Embroidery ™ ourselves in-house?’ ” Fuchs says. “Finally, we can supply those businesses with the tools needed to do that.” The tools include the required machinery and the ability to get licensed, in order to ensure proper application of Indirect Embroidery. He explains the biggest problem with DIY has been ensuring the longevity of the embroidery for the life of the apparel and the fine details of the Indirect Embroidery ™ itself. The patent process that Windswept has created solves all of these problems. 

“Indirect Embroidery is a great permanent branding solution that offers a lot of flexibility and solutions for your embroidered needs,” Fuchs says. “It is a true game changer.”