Apparel Trends - Stripes

Check out the hottest apparel and accessories. This month Wearables takes a look at Stripes.

From understated to big and bold, stripes offer fashionable flair and promotional panache. “Stripes are versatile, simple and elegant, and they never go out of style,” says Anne Zimmer, president of SailorBags (asi/84293). “Their versatility allows them to be executed in ways that can make them fit very different demographics,” Zimmer adds, pointing out the universal appeal of the pattern.

One such demographic, according to John Anderson, national sales manager at The Antigua Group (asi/36320), is the golf apparel market. For brands, Anderson says, “Stripes are a way of standing out without being too flashy.” To spice up your striped apparel, one-color embroidery is best, Anderson advises.

“Horizontal stripes make a nice canvas for company logos,” Zimmer says, “as they provide baselines and visual anchors to the decoration.”